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We will bring our furniture and accessories to style your unoccupied home. A full staging transforms your home into a space that buyers can see themselves living in when they walk through the door. We carefully curate to make each space invite and flow naturally, accentuating the positive aspects of the home and helping make sense of spaces that are awkward or hard to visualize. We can't count the number of times our clients have told us they want to "move back in" after seeing their home staged! We will guide you to get your home ready for the staging process with an initial consultation that is included in every staging, and bids are always free!

Our bids are itemized room by room, so you can see the cost of each space and decide what works for you!


Yes, home staging will earn you more and sell your home faster, making your sale more profitable in the long run! But sometimes upfront costs can stretch you too thin. We have a solution! Ask about our escrow payment option. Pay a small deposit,  and never see the bulk of the cost taken out of your pocket!


Small investments can go a long way when you are selling your home. Not sure where to paint or what to change? We can help! Our design advice will help you address how and where to invest so you'll get maximum return. We can show you the best paint colors for your home, along with easy, cost effective changes like light fixtures and knobs. We can even guide you on how to update your kitchen and bath with small fixes. Bring out your home's potential and make it feel updated and move in ready with minimal work! Let us do all the research and planning, and find you the best items for the right price, and watch potential buyers swoon!

*This service is subject to availability


Need help with your new home? Love Spruce style? We can provide expert style advice from recommendations to full service purchasing and install... for a home you love at any budget.

*This service is subject to availability.  

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